Quality of life

Standard of living: A level of material comfort in terms of goods and services available to someone or some group.A minimum of necessities, comforts, or luxuries considered essential to maintaining a person or group in customary or proper status or circumstances. So, standard of living is something that can be measured in material terms.

Standard of life: Is the position or level that a person is at a point of time. Indicators of this are Social status, designation, academic qualification, financial position, job designation, level of achievement etc.

Quality of life: Is something which appears to be abstract which is totally different from the above two.
Quality of life is governed by security, guidance, wisdom and power.
Security: that u can cling urself to something/somebody
Wisdom: Your knowledge of ur values
Guidance: Sense of purpose in life
Power: to move ahead
Quality of life which is a long term thing depends on these 4 factors.
If ur security comes from a person (i.e. something external to u), you are in danger. If that person is gone, u feel bad. Even that thought bothers u much. Security and wisdom give the power to move ahead.

To conclude…
Quality of life is purely your innerself. The way you respect, love and enjoy yourself. The confidence that you have in your thoughts.


Source: Covey's '7 habits of highly effective people'


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