Silence and words

Are you ready to agree when somebody says “Silence conveys
more than words”; particularly in this communication era? Huh! Right, a hesitation
may creep into your mind before responding affirmatively.

Words are very important practically in any real life situation. They serve you a lot many purposes when used carefully. Meager the chance a boss allows to speak out more disgruntled an employee becomes. Unexpressed or suppressed grief adds to the stress inside. A 1997 Journal of Abnormal Psychology study reported that not expressing feelings impacts our health and longevity. A spoken word takes the burden off your heart; makes you feel lighter. Can’t believe? Ask a guy who has just expressed his love to the
lady he adores; a person who owned up his mistake.

Speech is a great thing. Well, we admire silver; what about gold then? At times we find silence as the faithful servant. Knowing when to remain silent is a virtue. Keeping one’s self composed preserves integrity in times of confusion and adversity. There are highly sensitive situations where words used out of emotion or misunderstanding may sometimes ruin good relationships or may endanger one’s self esteem. Practicing silence coupled with thought and analysis in moments of anger helps you understand the real situation; to have control over the fluctuating levels of blood pressure.

What all it takes for effective communication is a rightly paused speech where words and
silence are equally important. All depends on the discretion as to when to use what.

– Swathi

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2 Responses to Silence and words

  1. Purnima అంటున్నారు:

    Hmm.. Good topic.. I liked the way u presented it. Would you agree readily?? .. No I wouldn’t. Silence is very heavy and I guess, not everyone can take it. To be silent is the heights of communication.. u need two perfect souls to understand that.

  2. Manasa Chamarthi అంటున్నారు:

    That’s rightly said Purnima..We need two perfect souls to understand silence. but, that said, when there are two such persons sharing a life, it is nothing but heaven…!

    and Swathi, your blog is amazing. I can see that you are great admirer of Tilak and Krishna Sastri..and your poems reflect it as well.

    but, your articles, posts which are more in the form of letters took my breath away.

    The pain of seperation expressed in your posts, is just perfect.


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