An experience


It was a pleasant evening. And, we twelve people from our company were on our way to Votti Nagulapally (a place near to the city) as we were to attend the annual celebrations at SOS villages—a home for orphaned kids. The idea on our minds then was just to hand them over the donation and to spend some time as we were obliged to.

As and when we reached the place, our vision was drawn by the carefully maintained greenery and couple of homes there. We received a warm welcome from the village managers. After taking a few more steps in, we were surrounded by the children along with the cool breeze; their welcome was still warmer. “We are happy here” said the spark in their eyes.

Our enthrallments didn’t end there. The academic excellence and the active participation of kids in cultural programmes combined with the purity and innocence of their words made us strongly attracted towards them. We listened to the simple things that they explained in their own great way. We laughed, played, had fun, and carried on shoulders the little angels. We were very much impressed by and heavily rewarded with their invaluable smiles and the loving ways of expressing their affection.

We really had a nice time with them; they too I can say, as they cuddled and insisted on us not to leave the place when we were about to return. We were very much moved and almost on tears when the little hands bade an unwilling farewell to us late at night.


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3 Responses to An experience

  1. త్రివిక్రమ్ అంటున్నారు:

    Aha! You have taken the readers of this blog along with you to feel the warmth of those children. Children are really cherubic angels, unless meddled with by the elders. “the purity and innocence of their words…” reminds me of SriSri’s శైశవ గీతం:
    “పాపం, పుణ్యం, శ్లేషార్థాలూ
    ఏమీ ఎరుగని పిల్లల్లారా! ఐదారేడుల పాపల్లారా!!…
    మెరుపు మెరిస్తే, చినుకు కురిస్తే,
    ఆకాశాన హరివిల్లు విరిస్తే
    అవి మీ కోసమె అని ఆనందించే పిల్లల్లారా!…”

  2. swathikumari అంటున్నారు:

    I too am reminded of Tagore’s poem in Geethanjali from ur words.

  3. Ram's అంటున్నారు:

    I’m very happy as i too a part of this memorable event and our relationship with those kids never ends. we’ve great frnds like ramu, mary and so on………..


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