'Opportunities come rarely’, one needs to be extremely cautious to capture every possible opportunity that comes one’s way, know most of us. Indeed opportunity doesn’t come your way; you need to look for it wherever you go.

Many of us do strongly believe that it is some one else’s responsibility to give us a chance and when not given we tend to blame the superiors, the organization and the policies. Generally the agony creates an impulse to ascribe the fault to something outside. ‘They due it to me’ is the feeling we nurture to support our ‘external locus of control’- a psychological state where a person makes situational and environmental factors liable for his failure or a missed opportunity.

The fact is this: People who miss an opportunity do so because they fear it. The reason is ‘Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work’ as Ann landers said. It doesn’t knock your door as commonly believed; it just waits outside the door patiently with added beauty day by day for you to open the door. It’s never too late for you to grab an opportunity and there is no limit either. All depends on how frequently you open the door and check for it. Opening the door implies setting the mind free and open to evaluate and accept new ideas, to perceive things from a different angle. Opening the door also means improving your knowledge, sharpening the skills and being enthusiastic all the time. Learning adds strength to your armory. So whenever you find something to aim at, you don’t have to be left with no arrows.

A problem can sometimes hide in it an opportunity. Take an example of a writer who when fired from employment started writing seriously and became world famous for the work. One may happen to come across new things in the process of solving a problem leading to creative thoughts.

As  Winston Churchill says;

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

– Swathi